N.E.T. Table

Large, rectangular modern dining table with aluminium base and solid wood tabletop

Søren Ulrik Petersen, 2006

N.E.T. Table

The flexible design of this piece of furniture makes it possible to add the modern dining table N.‎E.‎T.‎ to any space: as a conference table; in coworking spaces; as a modern dining table; as a work or writing desk; in a lobby or as a long table in a restaurant.‎ The name comes from the company’s ability to produce slabs of Douglas fir up to 6 meters in length; and up to 4 meters in other types of hardwood.


Design material finishes: EMBOSSED BLACK POWDER-COATED ALUMINIUM | De Padova
Design material finishes: WHITE SEMI-MATT CORIAN® | De Padova


Design material finishes: BLEACHED DOUGLAS | De Padova
Design material finishes: CHARCOAL STAINED DOUGLAS | De Padova